Dear Autors,

Here we are at the starting line of the third edition of our prize. Still in the eyes with the Awards Ceremony of last year, in which more than 250 people took part among winners and public, we are counting this year to do even better!

We have therefore made some changes to the regulations that are immediately visible on our site: abandoned the section “poetry in vernacular” (most likely we will have a separate contest for this type of poetry), we have separated the narrative from non-fiction, making it  flow into two different sections. There is another shift of the presentation dates of the works, from May 22nd   to May 2nd , to allow a better distribution and, so a better evaluation of them by the jourors.

“Culture kills ignorance, but it is not a crime”: this is my motto in favor of Culture, the real one, that of written books, of true or invented stories, of non-fiction disclosure, of poetry, of short stories. Man must always keep his identity as a human being, not succumb to technology that tries to take possession even of his intelligence. We live in an age of profound transformations where daily worries add anxiety and, why not, a certain discomfort for our future life. Culture remains an essential bulwark to face this change that we must face and not reject. Only a Culture in the vertical and not horizontal sense, as we try to plan it, can save us from being all homologated and standardized. The value of a book is and remains a unique, indivisible, inalienable value, as well as the Author, is ideas, his life, his works.

The United States of Europe have been created above all to avoid fratricidal wars between neighboring nations: it seems that we have succeeded, since for more than 70 years there are no more wars in Europe, but Peace is a world matter and today there are still too many hotbeds that could explode in a final conflict! Let’s keep our guard high, sentinels of a word that does not want to understand, on this thorny problem that has always afflicted humanity as such. The section “Poetry for Peace” welcomes all your distress, all your anxieties, all your solutions concerning this topic. Can a poem change the word?

With great respect and affection.

Massimo De Santis