Esteemed  authors

after the valuable experience of last year (the manifestation ended in the best way  both for the amount of members, but also for the excellent quality of the participants) the second edition of the Prize has undergone some very important and substantial changes, from the confluence of the old Association “Sant Lauterie” in the new Association “ARCANUM ET FREGELLAE”.

Another important change concerns the dates of the Prize: the date for the presentation of the works has been anticipated to May while the date of the awards has been postponed a month; this to allow the jury to make to work in a better way. The jury will be helped, another important innovation, by a large number of readers who will carry out a pre-selection of the works.

A new structure, therefore,has become necessary, to fulfill the primary function of the  Prize which is that of a dialogue among peoples through literature, harmless source of the meeting among different cultures, among different worlds. Peace, synthesis of good, remains in the minds of the organizers, in a world increasingly dominated by indifference. There is a huge demand for Peace, the cries now have become insurmountable, consciences are ready and poetry is in the forefront; it stands on barricades and fights with the weapons of love more than ever before. One of the primary purposes of the Prize, is to  gather these fruitful cries and spread them  through writing. Also this year an important sculptor of the international art scene will represent, with his work, this more and more pressing desire in the human needs.