A)   Poetry edited volume

Send n . 3 copies of a published poetry book on any subject published in the last ten years (starting from 01.01.2011).


B)   Unpublished Poetry

Send up to three unpublished poems in three copies, one with the author’s data: address, date of birth, phone number, e -mail .


C)   Fregellae prize “Poetry for Peace”

Send just one poem on the World Peace theme (in triplicate). Enclosed a sheet with your generalities: names, addresses etc.




 D) Fiction published Volume

Send n. 3 copies of a fiction volume on any subject published over the last ten years (from 01.01.2011)


E)    Volume of essays published

Send n. 3 copies of essays volume on any subject published over the last five years (from 01.01.2016)


F) ) Short tale with the theme: “The Railway: true and invented storiès.”

Send a short story max three A4 sheets, only cover max 10,500 words including spaces (in triplicate).